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JS-2M (early)

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Unknown unit, Soviet Union, 1951?

JS-2M (early) build – Part 1:Introduction
JS-2M (early) build – Part 2:Assembly
JS-2M (early) build – Part 3:Painting
JS-2M (early) build – Part 4:Weathering (rust)
JS-2M (early) build – Part 5:Weathering (chipping)
JS-2M (early) build – Part 6:Weathering (wash)
JS-2M (early) build – Part 7:Weathering (streaks)
JS-2M (early) build – Part 8:Tracks
JS-2M (early) build – Part 9:Weathering (dust, dirt, oil and fuel stains, pigment effects)

As tanks go I really like the look of the JS-2. It is a very imposing vehicle. The Tamiya kit is in my stash, ready for the day when I feel brave enough to make the alterations to it for a battered 1945 bruiser! I reckon this was quite an important model for me to finish. It’s not my best – there are one or two build and finishing issues. However, as I was doing this I was having a mini crisis of confidence in modelling terms, especially with spray painting. The AMMO paint I used here at least sprayed very smoothly. I just need to be a bit more convinced about the robustness of it – or modify certain of my weathering techniques. I think that I can do that so I am sure I will use them again. However, I am also going to try some lacquer paints with some new found techniques – Tamiya, which I have used extensively and Mr.Color also.

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