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JS-2M (early) build – Part 3:Painting


In a few recent builds – including the KV-2 (which is currently on hold) – I have noticed that the paint finish in certain sections was a bit rougher and grittier than I would have liked. Reading around, it seems that I need to thin the paint more (even though I had been using Tamiya’s recommended paint to thinner ratio) and try to spray in more, thinner coats (1:1 paint to thinner). This is all good advice and my tests with Tamiya paint seems to bear this out.

However, I also wanted to try a different paint range and for this build selected the Mig AMMO paints.

Primer: Wanting to move away from using spray cans as much as possible, I decanted Tamiya “Fine Surface Primer” (light grey) from the can into a glass bottle, according to this guide. I reckon about an hour is good enough for degassing of the liquid, after which I sprayed it on with airbrush. This time I did thin it down with lacquer thinner (two parts primer to one part thinner). I think for my next model I may well just spray the neat liquid.

Base coat: AMMO “Russian Green Base” (A.MIG-932) was sprayed straight from the bottle in multiple (at least five) thin coats, leaving 24 hours drying time between each coat. I must say that so far it has produced a nice, clean finish. I think for this build I will not be adding any highlight coats on exposed features (basically I don’t want to push my luck!) but rather rely on subsequent weathering to break up the uniformity.


  • Machine gun: AMMO “Matt Black” (A.MIG-046)
  • Headlights: Citadel “Mithril Silver”
  • Tow cable: Vallejo Panzer Aces “Track Primer” (304)

A combination of AMMO “Glossy Varnish” (A.MIG-091) or Humbrol “Clear” gloss varnish was painted on prior to decal placement (the decals were then protected with further gloss). I omitted the coverage of a satin varnish, wanting to see if the subsequent weathering would tone down the glossy surface enough without the need for it. I sometimes find, despite my best efforts, that satin varnish, either from spray can or airbrush, leaves nasty white residues on the surface. More work to find the ideal application via airbrush is needed here.

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