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JS-2M (early) build – Part 2:Assembly

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Modelling progress has been slow of late, at least as far as this blog is concerned. The main reason is that I have been having some painting issues creeping into my recent builds, which I will document later. Anyway, I choose this model as a fresh start. When you look inside the box at the sprues it seems like a stress free build. It mostly is, except for a couple of points (perhaps unique to me):

  • I had to force the upper deck upwards to maintain shape by the addition of a couple of balsa blocks under the fenders near the engine grills. It was bowing otherwise.
  • It will be obvious that the light guards are missing! I found these the parts from hell. I did attempt to place them and even got them onto the model before deciding that they were such a mess that they came off again. Instead of a multi piece assembly (as these were), it must be possible to mould them in one piece or alternatively in photoetch (I have handled either of these types in the past fine). Perhaps somebody really competent with soldering could fashion their own from brass wire – however that is not me and I was wanting to get on with later steps. No doubt it is inauthentic, even if it is possible to find a picture of them missing. Well, in the end, it is just a model!

One thought on “JS-2M (early) build – Part 2:Assembly

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