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Vehicle Gallery

German Tank Museum, Munster (2012)

A7V Artillery BRM-1K
Brummbär BTR-152  Centurion
Comet Daimler DZVR 21 Fennek
Ferret Hetzer Hummel
Jagdpanther Jagdpanzer IV Jagdpanzer IV Ausf. F
Kettenkrad King Tiger Krupp Protze
Kübelwagen Leopard 1 Leopard 2
Luchs A2 Marder 1 Merkava
Panther Panzer 38(t) Panzer I
Panzer III PT-76 Sd.Kfz. 251/7
Sherman Sturmgeschütz 40 Ausf. G Sturmtiger
SU-100 T-34/76 T-34/85
T-54 T-55 T-62
T-72 VW Type 166 (Schwimmwagen) Wespe
Zündapp KS 750

German Naval Museum, Wilhelmshaven (2012)

Mölders U-10 Weilheim

German Shipping Museum, Bremerhaven (2012)

Wilhelm Bauer

The Tank Museum, Bovington (2010)

Centurion Challenger 1 Challenger 2
Chieftain Churchill Comet
Conqueror Cromwell Crusader III
Hetzer Daimler Armoured Car Mk I Daimler Dingo Scout Car Mk III
Humber Scout Car Jagdpanther Jagdtiger
Kettenkrad KV-1 Matilda I
Matilda II Panther Panzer I
Panzer II Panzer III Panzer IV
Rhino Rolls-Royce Armoured Car (1920) Sd.Kfz. 251
Sherman Firefly Sherman Crab Staghound
Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. G SU-76 T-34
T-55 Tiger I King Tiger
Universal Carrier WWI Allied Tanks

IWM Duxford (2010/2011)

Bedford Chieftain Comet
Dingo Ferret Land rover
Saladin Saracen Saxon
T-34 T-55 Universal carrier

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