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Soviet Partisans

These are the Soviet Partisans by ICM. I liked their poses and thought they would build up into a nice scene. They are painted with mostly LifeColor acrylic paints, followed by some oil paints. The wooden disc was pasted over with AK Interactive “Dark Earth” texture. I have used this and the concrete one in the same range – I like how they have worked so far. Once the figures were attached I dabbed on spots of the Tamiya “Powder Snow” texture paint to simulate patches of snow. Overall, I like how the scene worked out.

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Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) Ausf. E/F build – Part 1:Introduction

The vehicle

“After the effective annexation of Czechoslovakia by Nazi Germany in 1939, German forces were interested enough in the native Czech LTvz38 light tank that they took it on and ordered production under their own categorization of 38(t), a light tank with riveted, welded armor and a perky 3.7cm gun. Early production 38(t)s took part in the early German offensives of the war, and the 38(t) underwent continued development with 1,400 produced in total. Ausf.E and F 38(t)s had additional armor across the vehicle for better survivability and were deployed during the early stages of Operation Barbarossa…”. [1][2]

The kit

Tamiya 1/35 kit [2].