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KV-2 build – Part 1:Introduction

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The vehicle

“… when encountering difficulties on the heavily fortified Mannerheim line during the Winter War in Finland, the General Staff demanded a specially equipped version fitted with a heavy howitzer, intended to deal with concrete bunkers, in support of the regular KV-1 units. Instead of choosing the more pragmatic solution of a traditional SPG, they decided to use the same turret ring to accommodate a fully traversed, redesigned turret that housed the gargantuan howitzer. This gave the KV-2 an unmistakable profile, with its towering turret … Only 203 were built in all from late 1939 to mid-1941.” [1]

The kit

Trumpeter 1/35 kit [3].

I had started a KV-2 build previously but had to abandon it due to painting problems. In real life it seems to have been an unsuccessful vehicle, but  will no doubt be a presence amongst models of the same scale. So, this is my second attempt.



One thought on “KV-2 build – Part 1:Introduction

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