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Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford (2016) – models

There are many models at the Cosford museum. I would guess predominately 1/72 scale, but some larger scales too. Of course, they vary in quality (and condition) but the best ones look very good to me. In any event, as the pictures show, they form a very nice collection.

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T-14 (Armata) model


Yeah, that didn’t take long! A few weeks after the first public showing and a model is already promised. I think that I will skip this particular one – being in small scale and a resin kit – but surely the likes of Meng or Takom or Trumpeter will produce a 1/35 scale one? Getting detailed measurements could be an issue …

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Conquerors roll out


Reading again about the impending release of a new 1/35 kit of the mighty Conqueror tank – which I impatiently wait for – I saw a photograph which somebody had posted which is just great (click above image). Clearly the kit’s box art uses it for inspiration. It must be somewhere in Germany. The little Beetle car is a nice touch. The sight and sound of that column must have been awe-inspiring. I am not sure that it would have done their roads much good.

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New Conquerors


Finally, a new plastic 1/35 kit of the mighty Conqueror is coming. Well, two kits, it seems. One by Dragon and one by Amusing Hobby. There doesn’t seem a chance that I won’t be getting one of these – or both if they are equally good. I built the Accurate Armour one years ago – even with my lesser skills (I hope!) back then it built up into a impressive model. But, these days, I find all resin kits too much like hard work and, really, there is seemingly little that can’t be got in plastic nowadays.


Iwata HP-M1 airbrush

I have been trying out a new airbrush – the Iwata HP-M1 – on my latest painting project. This is a small device, with a single action trigger and 0.3 mm needle. You set the paint flow by way of the adjustable screw at the back. I very much like the simple design, with the small number of working parts and faster cleaning time.  I had come to the realisation that for much of what I do my previous airbrush – the Iwata HP-B Plus – was simply overkill. So, for primer coats, base coats and varnish coats, the HP-M1 is what I will use. Of course, for fine detail work and more intricate camouflage patterns (if I ever do any!) the HP-B Plus is at hand too.