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Mig Jiménez’s “FAQ 2”


I have been reading a new model techniques book, “FAQ 2” by Mig Jiménez, who is something of a superstar in the modelling world. It is a large book and one which I will be referring to often. I particularly like the chapters on “Washes”, “Streaking effects”, “Rain marks”, “Chipping”, “Rust”, “Dust effects”, “Mud effects”, “Oil and fuel” and “Painting accessories”. But there is much else besides. For example, he has interesting things to say about the “colour modulation” painting technique. Of course, I will not use every technique on every model, or even ever, but it is good to have them all to hand (even if practice will be harder than the theory!)

Before buying it I was slightly concerned by the reports of some of the colour photographs being too small. However, I don’t really see this complaint. Also I wondered about the author obviously not having English as his first language – but there are no concerns here either. The only thing which I would have preferred is to have the individual photograph number embedded in the text at the point at which the particular step shown in the photograph is being discussed. Otherwise, I would recommend it to everybody.

By the way, it seems that Spain is a powerhouse in model finishing products (paints, pigments, oils etc). Not only is it the home of the publisher of the current book, AK Interactive, but MIG Productions and Vallejo Acrylics also!

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