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“Modeling US Armor of World War 2” by Steven Zaloga

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I am always on the look out for additions to my modelling library. The latest is “Modeling US Armor of World War 2” by Steven Zaloga (Osprey Publishing 2009). Mr.Zaloga appears to be something of a “mini-polymath” – a master modeller as evidenced by the pictures in this book and online, a prolific author – as well as seemingly holding down a day job! Actually, I don’t necessarily want to build many US vehicles of WW2 at this time, although many of them were used by the British Army too and thus may come within my orbit. But, having seen his work many times online and in magazines I thought it would be worth seeing how he does it.

Well, he doesn’t mind slaying a few modelling “sacred cows” – for example he doesn’t use pigments, says that “(paint) chipping has become excessive in the hobby“. I get the distinct feeling that he takes the opposing view on some of the philosophy behind the Jiménez “FAQ 2” book. The difference could be crudely described as “realistic versus artistic”. Well, the rest of us are in the happy position of being able to use whatever technique works for us, no matter their provenance. In particular, the chapters on vehicle stowage, figures, dioramas (his collection of 1/72/1-76 dioramas is impressive), photography and image manipulation will be frequently returned to I am sure.

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