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AK Interactive Dust and Earth Effects


I have been trying AK Interactive’s Dust Effects (AK015) on my current project, following the technique described on page 146 of the FAQ 2 book. So, essentially adding it in specific places (especially horizontal surfaces), allowing it to dry for a few minutes and selective removal with white spirit. I think that it looks quite good, but probably needs to be tightly controlled.

Later I decided to try again with a 1:1 mixture of Dust Effects and Earth Effects (AK017). I think that I prefer this look more – it is obviously a little less bright. Also, I wanted to simulate dry mud as described on page 153 of the FAQ2 book. So, to a 1:1 mixture of Dust and Earth Effects was added enough plaster of paris until the mixture was suggested to be a consistency of liquid cream. I then blew this from the tip of a brush with an airbrush onto the desired areas of the subject. Again, I am quite happy with the result – it clearly has more volume than using pigments, as much as I like them. In the future I can experiment with the colour and consistency of the mixture.

I think that I will be using these products – and others in the range – often in the coming months.

2 thoughts on “AK Interactive Dust and Earth Effects

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