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Tamiya Fine Surface Primer


My friend has already detailed his results with this stuff – which were good, as it happens. I have tried it myself now on some spare pieces of plastic and brass. It is indeed very smooth and resilient. It appears to be smoother than the Humbrol spray primer, even when that rough finish which I previously described doesn’t happen. Speaking of which, I have taken to warming the can in a beaker of warm water for 10 minutes, followed by copious shaking, before spraying. Also, being very alert to the distance between the nozzle and the subject. One or all of these actions has certainly eliminated that grittiness in my various recent uses of the Humbrol can and I suppose that the Tamiya will give even better results. I am certain to try it on my current project when the time comes for painting.

4 thoughts on “Tamiya Fine Surface Primer

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