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A North African Scene

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A long while back I made an attempt at a Churchill Mk III. It was a decent first effort, but I know that I can do better now. Anyway, it was on a base depicting a North African landscape. The model and base have since gone, but I did rescue the incidental figure and other scenic pieces on it. Specifically, an Arab figure and German wooden crosses over battlefield graves. I have placed these pieces in their own scene now, for I always liked the figure. It is all very simple – a wooden base, modelling clay, stones of various sizes and brickdust, covered with an approximate sand colour. I think that this type of thing is hardly my forte, but I try now and again for amusement. The setting of the scene is some indeterminate time after a battle somewhere in North Africa, with only the locals left to inspect the aftermath.

Incidentally, you will see some of these elements in a larger diorama on page 274-275 of this book. Whilst I can present no evidence to back this up I can only say that my original scene was done independently of this! Honest!


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