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E420DCK Airbrush Extractor

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I have been trying out a new airbrush extractor. It is certainly smaller and neater than my previous one – it packs up into itself for easy stowage. It feels like it has a faster airflow too (4 m3/min). I got it mainly because I have changed my airbrushing style from a rapid “all over” spray to a slower, “more hand painting” style. By this I mean spraying with a finer nozzle airbrush at lower pressure (10 psi) and much closer to the target (only a few centimetres). Of course, this means that I need to be wary of paint splatter (caused by paint drying on the airbrush tip) or paint overflow (flooding of the surface with too much paint). Thus, a slow, methodical approach is needed. I have tended to use Tamiya paints too as they seem to work better for me with this style. This is very much my personal technique born out of trying to eradicate the rough finish which I have sometimes got in the past with spraying matt paints – even after fixing my primer woes. Having a smaller extractor which can fit on my desk is the way to go.

Haosheng HS-E420DCK

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