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Sherman II (Direct Vision Type) build – Part 4:Tracks


  • Friulmodel tracks “Sherman T51 type” (ATL-47) assembled with Albion Alloys’ 0.5 mm diameter brass rod.
  • Weathered with “Blacken-It” solution
  • Rubber pads painted with Vallejo Model Color “Black” 70950 and sealed with Humbrol Clear gloss varnish.
  • Application of Winsor & Newton “Burnt Umber” oil paint diluted in white spirit.
  • A dilute mixture of Tamiya XF-64 “Red Brown” (10% paint in Tamiya X-20A thinner) was sprayed over the entire tracks multiple times, to tone down the black colour of the pads and generally unify the look of them.
  • They will need dusting, but that will come later…

2 thoughts on “Sherman II (Direct Vision Type) build – Part 4:Tracks

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