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Sherman II (Direct Vision Type) build – Part 5:Weathering (chipping, wash)

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The vehicle I have chosen to model is dated to September 1942, just before the decisive battle at El Alamein. Thus, according to this source, the vehicle would have been newly delivered to Allied forces. In such circumstances I considered that it simply would not have had time to get much wear and tear. So, I was quite sparing – more so than usual – in my use of the effects described below (thus, they are not readily apparent in the pictures). For the present theatre of operations I thought that I could dispense with attempting rust or grime streaks, even paint fading (which surely would come into play for a veteran vehicle in that environment). I think that the bulk of my efforts will be directed towards the application of dust and sand.

  • Chipping – Vallejo Model Color “German Camouflage Black Brown” (70822) applied by sponge.
  • Rust (exhaust) – painted with the Lifecolor paint set.
  • Wash – pin wash with AK Interactive “Wash for DAK Vehicles” (AK066).

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