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M3 Lee build – Part 6:Tracks

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  • Friulmodel Sherman T51 tracks (ATL-47) were linked with Albion Alloys’ 0.5 mm brass rod. I am sure that when I did these before they came in two parts, which you had to glue together before linking up. This latest set had the track (predominately rubber tread) in one piece, which I applaud, but I found that it was not drilled all the way through for the brass pin. So, these were linked together with about 4 mm pieces of rod on each end. In reality I didn’t cut a bunch of these to size, just pushing in larger pieces of the rod in each end, dabbed at the inserting end with superglue and cutting and filing them down in place.
  • Treated with UMP “Ultimate Burnishing Liquid”.
  • The rubber treads were painted with LifeColor “Tyre Black” (UA733).
  • The entire tracks were sprayed with Citadel “Purity Seal”, to protect the paint on subsequent steps.
  • A dilute mixture of Winsor & Newton “Burnt Umber” oil paint in enamel thinners was was added to the metal parts of the tracks and allowed to collect in the recesses.
  • A mixture of AMMO “Dark Earth” and “Europe Earth” pigments were dropped onto the tracks and fixed with a 1:1 mixture of AMMO “Pigment Fixer” (A.MIG-3000) and enamel thinners, added by brush.
  • I will be doing some final weathering steps on these after they are on the vehicle.

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