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IS-2 (Propaganda by Rick Lawler)

[the above model is unfortunately NOT by me!]

Man, my previous post is depressing me just by currently being at the top of the blog! I have to do something to rid my mind of that train wreck and remove it from my eye line. Desperate I know. Actually I was planning on posting this previously. That is to highlight a master modeller, Rick Lawler. I think his IS-2 (above) is the reason that I have had the exact same Tamiya model in my stash for 18 months and have yet to do it – there is no doubt that his is having an inhibiting effect on me! I feel like I need quite a few models under my belt before I approach that awesome subject.

But what really caught my eye was some comments in his most recent build:

“First, I work very quickly.  When I paint I move from one step to the next in rapid succession.  Honestly, except for the drying times of the oil paints I would finish the painting and weathering of all my pieces in a matter of hours.  I don’t labor over the small details.  I liken my technique to sketching, rather than drawing.”

Wow. Painting and weathering in a matter of hours? And those results? A master indeed.

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