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T-34/76 (model 1940) build – Part 2:Assembly

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  • The base model was augmented with most of the parts of the Eduard photoetch set (#37723). Before attaching the end grille, I sprayed the underneath with primer and then Mr.Color “Russian Green (1) – USSR tank early WWII” (135), as it would be difficult to access for painting afterwards. As an aside, I don’t trust this colour – it looks too bright to me now, even after subsequent weathering steps. I think it will be relegated to this sort of purpose or for a generic green. The only thing I didn’t like about this photoetch set (and it is not limited to this set only) is the small handles on the sides of the hull – of course they are better than the nasty moulded on blobs which were originally present but they are not the right shape if you look at the real thing. I suppose they could be done with really fine wire to give a rounder shape. However, I am not sure that my metal working skills are up to reliably shaping these. Perhaps the best are separate plastic pieces which come in certain kits – they are the correct shape even if they might need scaling down a little.
  • The kit barrel was replaced by the 76 mm L/11 barrel from RB Model (#35B130).

One thought on “T-34/76 (model 1940) build – Part 2:Assembly

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