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T-34/76 (model 1940) build – Part 1:Introduction

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The vehicle

“The T-34/76 model 1940 was the first production version, largely derived from the previous A-32 prototypes. Hundreds of them were about to be put in service in July 1941. Around 1066 were ready when Operation Barbarossa was launched. They performed well despite the lack of training of their crews and inept command, just like the KV-1. The Panzers couldn’t match them in one-on-one combat, but the poor doctrine and low numbers of T-34’s available made the new tank quite vulnerable, and many were lost.” [1]

The kit

Dragon 1/35 kit [2]. Yes, another T-34, to join my two previously complete ones. What can I say? My favourite tank of all, although not this particular model year.



One thought on “T-34/76 (model 1940) build – Part 1:Introduction

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