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T-34/76 (model 1941 cast turret) build – Part 3:Painting and Whitewashing

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Primer: Tamiya “Fine Surface Primer” (light grey) spray can

Base coat: A mixture of 90% Tamiya acrylics (Tamiya XF-4 “Yellow Green” and Tamiya XF-58 “Olive Green” in a 1:1 ratio) and 10% Tamiya X-22 Clear in Tamiya lacquer thinner (2:1 paint mixture to thinner) was sprayed on. To make this layer especially secure for further treatment (below) I covered it in Humbrol Clear gloss varnish and then Citadel Purity Seal spray.

Whitewash layer: Three layers of AK Interactive “Worn Effects” fluid (AK088) was sprayed or painted on, leaving about twenty minutes between each coat. Then, a mixture of Tamiya XF-2 “Flat White” in Tamiya lacquer thinner (1:1 paint to thinner) was sprayed on lightly. After another twenty minutes I scraped at the white layer with brush and wooden stick until I was happy enough with the distressed look. Before subsequent detail painting and decal placement I protected the layers again with Humbrol Clear gloss varnish and then Citadel Purity Seal spray.


  • Machine gun: Vallejo Model Color “Black” 70950
  • Tyres: Tamiya XF-85 “Rubber Black”
  • Rear light: Vallejo Model Color “Red” 70947
  • Stowage straps: Vallejo Model Color “Russian Uniform WWII”, Citadel “Boltgun metal”

This is my first attempt at a winter camouflage. The Worn Effects fluid performed well in producing a worn whitewash look. The only thing I don’t like is that with subsequent necessary varnish layers  it has darkened somewhat – I will have to assume that this tank has subsequently got very dirty. Even so, I might attempt this again sometime in the future.

One of the reasons I did this colour scheme was the turret slogans. Even so, I must admit that it does not make much sense to me to paint your tank so as to be harder to see in a snowy environment, only then to daub large red text on the sides. I would like to know what the words mean, though.



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