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Artillery Museum, St.Petersburg (2016)


During my recent visit to St.Petersburg I went to the Artillery Museum. It is a spectacular collection, especially for a Westerner, unlikely to see a lot of these exhibits elsewhere. It’s a shame that there is no signage in English – you feel you are missing out there. The vehicles in the courtyard could do with signs too – even in Russian! I think I can recognise more Russian\Soviet hardware than the average visitor – even so, there are some pretty obscure things there.

4 thoughts on “Artillery Museum, St.Petersburg (2016)

  1. Great pics. Posted at 02:30!?

  2. It’s a great collection of equipment, one can spend a lot of time wonder around this museum. If you happened to take a picture of any signs, I’d be happy to translate them for you. It’s a beautiful city and I hope you enjoyed it!

    • Hi. I normally do take pictures of signs, to act as “markers” for the exhibits. Unfortunately, in this case, I didn’t – should have thought ahead. It is a very nice city, I miss it.

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