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A39 Tortoise build – Part 7:Weathering (rust)


I wanted this vehicle to appear to be in a decent state, considering that it saw no real action. Thus, I omitted any paint chipping and proceeded mostly with  a light dusting, except for the rusty exhaust as detailed below.

The exhaust was given a rusted appearance by progressive application of Lifecolor paints, following the example in volume one of the TankArt series of books. After this I applied a pin wash of AK Interactive “Light rust wash for green vehicles” (AK046), followed by a brushing with Mig Productions “Standard Rust” pigment (P025). Soot staining was applied to the exhaust end using the Tamiya “Weathering Master” set B.

4 thoughts on “A39 Tortoise build – Part 7:Weathering (rust)

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