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TANKART Vol. 1 - WWII German Armor TANKART Vol. 2 - WWII Allied Armor

The title of this series of books by Michael Rinaldi – TANKART – is apt. There is indeed some phenomenal modelling and artistry on show here. Now, I might not personally like every single effect in some of the examples herein (in particular the German vehicles), but I wouldn’t mind having skills good enough to achieve them! Naturally, given my modelling choices, I am more drawn to the second volume (“WWII Allied Armour”). This contains some great warhorses – Churchill, Sherman Firefly, KV-1. These books have many things to teach me, especially in the area of weathering (much emphasis on the hairspray technique and pigments). The photographs are amongst the best I have seen in a modelling book. Recommended and I am looking forward to volume 3 “Modern Armour“.

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