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Mitsubishi A6M2b “Zero”

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Markings are 201st Kokuta, Tobera Airfield, Keravat, East New Britain, Papua New Guinea, 1944.

Mitsubishi A6M2b “Zero” build – Part 1:Introduction
Mitsubishi A6M2b “Zero” build – Part 2:Cockpit assembly and painting
Mitsubishi A6M2b “Zero” build – Part 3:Exterior assembly
Mitsubishi A6M2b “Zero” build – Part 4:Painting

This is a nice kit – good for me to practice with. I have omitted the aerial. Also, there is no weathering – you can find pictures which appear to show a degree of paint chipping. Thus far, I have not been confident in weathering smaller scale subjects – particularly aircraft. Finally, I managed to mess up one of the wing decals – admittedly I think that it was not the easiest to place – so it is not present. Still, every aircraft model I do teaches me lessons and adds experience.

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