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Challenger 1 Mk 3 build – Part 1:Introduction

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The vehicle


Notable for its use in the First Gulf War, where it reportedly destroyed 300 enemy tanks without loss [1]. I think that it would be fair to describe that as an unfair fight, but isn’t that the aim? Even better, this vehicle is claimed to have the longest tank kill in history during that conflict – a T-62 at a distance of 5.1 km.

[2] [3] [4] [5]

The kit


Tamiya 1/35 kit [6].

After a succession of older Allied tanks (here, here and here), a plane and aborted attempts at soft skinned vehicles this year, I felt the need to do a bigger, more modern tank. Fitting in with my eventual aim of making all the major British tanks, I choose this, the Challenger 1.


5. Challenger 1 – The Last Cold War Era Tank of Britain’s Armoured Corps, Carl Schulze, Tankograd Publishing, 2013 (link)

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