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Bronco 1/35 kit.

Includes Friulmodel track and Lionmarc resin turret and metal barrel (I should have got the one with the PE turrent bin though). I used the recommended mixture of Vallejo paints – diluted with their thinner in a 1:1 ratio – for the olive drab colour. I was pleased with how this came out and look forward to using it on other British vehicles of the period. The featured vehicle is of the 3rd RTR, 29th Armoured Brigade, 11th Armoured Division in North Germany, March 1945. As these tanks only entered service in December 1944 I decided that the vehicle should be in decent condition still. So there is only minimal paint scratching and no rust. This was followed by dilute wash, and selective application of pigment to the lower hull, wheels and tracks. I have yet to add the aerial and stowage.

This kit has been highly praised. I can’t quite agree. True, it is by no means bad and happens to be the only plastic choice in 1/35th scale. But, I found just a few too many niggles with it – some odd construction choices, certain inelegant moulding, more filler needed for join gaps than seems reasonable, instructions not as clear as could be. Well, that was my experience anyway. Perhaps I have been spoilt by Tamiya or Dragon. Nowadays though I think of my latest model as my best. I don’t think so in this case and I must confess that it was more a sense of duty to add this representation of what was the best British tank of WW2 to the collection that spurred me on to finish it.

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