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Len Deighton’s “Bomber”


I just listened to the radio dramatisation of the Len Deighton book – I think it was repeated for Armistice Day 2011. I have seldom read, heard or seen a more harrowing war story. Quite apart from the human drama, the level of detail relayed by the narrator is impressive – right down to the economics of a bombing raid (and no wonder that we are still broke now!). No doubt the book contains much more and I really should read that now I guess.

Two things also spring to mind. Firstly, the bombing campaign makes all the talk of not having a second front in the west before D-Day totally bogus. And I am not sure that the then German use of the term “terror flyer” has much merit either.

2 thoughts on “Len Deighton’s “Bomber”

  1. Your mention of the economic statistics quoted in “Bomber” is interesting. They point up the different histories of Britain and Germany, and maybe the different national characteristics. I was in Hamburg in 1957, twelve years after the war ended. The city had been re-built, after being destroyed by our bombing campaign. In contrast, one could still see “bomb sites” in London in the sixties…

  2. Sounds about right.

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