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“Berlin 1945” diorama – Part 5:Extras

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  • The bulk of the work on this was now done, but I wanted to add a couple of extra items.
  • Firstly, I added a torn propaganda poster of the period on one of the buildings.
  • Secondly, I wanted to add an abandoned German vehicle – preferably a smaller one – and selected the Schwimmwagen Type 166 by Tamiya. You can certainly find pictures of this vehicle (see reference below) in Berlin in 1945. I am going to say that the markings I added for this particular colour scheme are probably not accurate for the location and time of the diorama, but this does not overly concern me, as I view this it as being part of the background scene setting. To this end I did not spend too long painting and weathering it, as I knew it would be obscured somewhat by the subsequent lines of Soviet vehicles. I must admit that this betrays my lack of experience in German vehicle modelling, as I am certain I would want to revisit my choice of paints for the German dark yellow colour in the future – the photos don’t do it any favours and it looks less garish in the flesh. Anyway, I figured that at some point it had been abandoned and the destruction of the buildings had subsequently rained down bricks and debris on it.
  • I must admit that I have not added street lamps or overhead tram cables. I did consider it. For street lamps, the pavement on the road sections was quite narrow, so that it would seem like overkill to position them there. Perhaps the buildings could have had lamps attached and that they have simply been blown away. As for the tram cables, I am going to tentatively suggest that, for this section of road, there were strung a series of overhead wires, again attached to points on the buildings, rather than attachment to discrete posts. It’s a little weak, but … this is an example of reality clashing with my diorama building abilities!
  • Probably in the months ahead I will tinker with the look of the diorama – but it is essentially complete and probably the best I can do at this time. Next, the Soviet vehicles need to be done, but that will take some time…


Archer, Lee; Kraska, Robert; Lippert, Mario, Panzers in Berlin 1945 (Panzerwrecks 2019)

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