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SU-122 build – Part 10:Weathering (oil, fuel and damp stains)

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  • Tamiya “Soot” weathering powder and Vallejo “Carbon Black” pigment was added to the end of the exhausts and the surrounding area.
  • The gun barrel end was lightly brushed with Vallejo “Carbon Black” pigment.
  • Dilute mixtures of Abteilung 502 “Engine Grease” (ABT160) and “Bitumen” (ABT004) oil paint in enamel thinners were either painted in small patches or flicked from a brush onto the surfaces of the hull and running gear, to represent the subtlest stains or patches.
  • “Engine Grease” oil paint – dissolved in enamel thinners to a much higher concentration – was added to parts of the running gear, certain wheels (to represent leakage from a seal) and parts of the engine deck to represent older oil stains.
  • The same oil paint, in similar concentration but with added Humbrol “Gloss Cote”, was added to certain parts to represent newer oil stains.
  • A dilute mixture of “Bitumen” oil paint and Humbrol “Gloss Cote” in enamel thinners was added to various parts of the engine deck and hull to represent diesel stains. In some places, such as around the fuel filling hatches, this was repeated later.

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