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SU-122 build – Part 11:Stowage

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  • The plastic, resin or balsa wood items were sprayed with Tamiya “Fine Surface Primer” (light grey).
  • The stowage items were first painted with Mr.Color “Dark Green (2)” (23) or “German Grey” (40) or “Wood Brown” (43) or “Khaki” (55) or some of the paints of the Mr.Color “Russian Green” modulation set. All mixtures were in the ratio of 1 :2 in Mr.Color leveling thinner.
  • The wooden beams, once painted a wood colour, were treated with several layers of AK Interactive “Heavy Chipping” fluid. Once dry, Mr.Color “Character Blue” was sprayed over it. Thirty minutes later, I selectively removed the blue paint with a stiff brush and water.
  • Details were painted with Vallejo Model Color “Black Grey” (70862) or “Russian Uniform WWII” (70924) or Vallejo Panzer Aces “Leather Belt” (312).
  • Some of the items were drybrushed with Vallejo Model Color “Khaki” (70988).
  • The fuel drum was chipped with Vallejo Model Color “German Camouflage Black Brown” (70822).
  • A 1:2 mixture of Mr.Color “Clear Gloss” (46) and Mr.Color Leveling Thinner was sprayed over the items.
  • The items were washed with Wilder “Brown Shadow” (LS25) oil paint in enamel thinners.
  • A 1:2 mixture of Mr.Color “Flat Clear” (182) and Mr.Color Leveling Thinner was sprayed over the items.
  • The spade was brushed with AK Interactive “Dark Steel” (AK086) pigment.
  • The same pigments used on the vehicle were used in various places on the items.
  • Abteilung 502 “Engine Grease” (ABT160) and “Bitumen” (ABT004) oil paint in enamel thinners were used in various places.
  • Following real pictures (here and here) I had left the fuel tanks and holding straps off on one side, replaced by an improvised unditching beam. I did put a spare fuel drum (perhaps containing oil instead) stacked against the other two on the opposite side.

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