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T34/85 (model 1944) build – Part 5:Weathering (rust, chipping, wash)

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Most of these steps are common to all my builds, but for completeness:

  • The exhaust was painted with the LifeColor rust set and drybrushed with Mig Productions 502 Abteilung “Light Rust Brown” ABT060 oil paint.
  • Chipping was done first with AMMO “Russian High Light” (A.MIG-934), to simulate the lightest wear. Then, AMMO “Chipping” (A.MIG-044), was applied with sponge and brush, to simulate deeper, older chips.
  • The entire vehicle was washed with AMMO’s “Dark Brown Wash for Green Vehicles wash” (A.MIG-1005), with the excess being removed after 30 minutes by brush or cotton bud.

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