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KV-2 build – Part 7:Weathering (fading and streaks)

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  • AMMO Oilbrusher “Olive Green” (A.MIG-3505) was added to high points of the turret and hull, to improve colour contrast.
  • AMMO Oilbrusher “Starship Filth” (A.MIG-3513) was added to various parts to create a look of more grime and shadow.
  • AMMO Oilbrushers “Ochre” (A.MIG-3515), “Dark Blue” (A.MIG-3504), “Buff” (A.MIG-3517), “Rust” (A.MIG-3510) and “White” (A.MIG-3501) were added as dots to the vertical\sloping sides of the turret and the sloping sides of the upper hull. Later, they were blended in using a flat brush dampened with enamel thinner.
  • AMMO “Dark Streaking Grime” (A.MIG-1206), AMMO “Streaking Grime” (A.MIG-1203) and AK Interactive “Rust Streaks” (AK013) were painted in thin lines on the vertical and sloping surfaces, later blended in with enamel thinner.

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