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Mk IV “Female” build – Part 8:Weathering (dust and mud)

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  • A 1:1 mixture of Tamiya Acrylic XF-57 “Buff” and Tamiya Acrylic XF-52 “Flat Earth” in Tamiya X-20A thinner (10% paint mixture in thinner) was sprayed all over the model (more passes towards the bottom), to provide a basis for subsequent pigment layers.
  • Next, to simulate light dust, a mixture of “medium colour” pigments was sparingly deposited on the horizontal areas and on the tracks and fixed by the light spraying of Tamiya X-20A thinner.
  • Dry, thicker mud was attempted using a mixture of “darker” pigments and plaster of Paris in AK Interactive washes (“Earth Effects”, “Summer Kursk Earth” and “Dust Effects”). This was flicked from the end of a brush onto the lower half of the vertical sides of the vehicle, plus the underside and back.
  • I repeated this procedure using plaster in “Fresh Mud” wash, to simulate fresher, wetter mud along the lowest parts of the sides, underneath and the tracks. I also applied the Fresh Mud wash neat by flicking from a brush.
  • Finally, I deposited a mixture of darker pigments and real dirt (taken this summer, so dry and sieved) onto select horizontal parts of the vehicle (where I reckoned dirt might build up). I used AK Interactive “Gravel and Sand Fixer”, applied gently with a brush, to fix this in place. Once dry, I gave some of these areas a light spray with Tamiya XF-52 “Flat Earth” in Tamiya X-20A thinner, to cover over any glossiness from the dried fixer.
  • I think that the next tank of  this era which I build – likely a Mk V or Mk I – I will certainly use a base colour other than the earth colour which a lot of Mk IVs seem to have been painted in. The dirt and mud effects should stand out much more on such a base and it’ll provide a nice contrast – this is undoubtedly for next year, though.

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