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Land Rover “Pink Panther” build – Part 5:Weathering

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  • The exhaust was brushed with Lifecolor  paints  (UA704, UA703, UA702, UA701) to simulate rust.
  • A small amount of paint chipping was simulated with adding Vallejo Model Color “Olive Grey” 70888 with a sponge. I suppose I was betting that the pink colour was sprayed over the original green, as evidenced here.
  • Pin wash of vehicle and stowage items with AK Interactive “Dark Yellow Wash” (AK300). This was diluted 50% in white spirit so as not to overwhelm the vehicle body colour.
  • Treatment of tool and machine gun wooden handles with Winsor and Newton “Burnt Umber” or “Raw Umber” oil paints, removing the excess with cotton wool buds.
  • Pin wash of engine and gear parts with AK interactive “Engine Grime” (AK082). I didn’t paint the engine the intended colours – it’s quite inaccessible to paint under there and is little seen. So, this is something of a compromise.
  • Tamiya Acrylic XF-57 “Buff” in Tamiya X-20A thinner (10% paint mixture in thinner) was sprayed over all of the model. Certain parts like the wheels\tyres and stowage got a second and third pass. Subsequently I dusted the wheels with a mixture of light pigments, followed by fixing by spraying with Tamiya X-20A thinner.
  • AK Interactive “Engine oil” (AK084), diluted in white spirits (1:1 ratio), was added to parts of the prop shaft ,behind the wheels and appropriate items of stowage. Also, AK Interactive “Fuel Stains” (AK025) and AK Interactive “Wet Effects Fluid” (AK079), both diluted in white spirits (1:1 ratio), were added to certain stowage
  • The metal parts of the tools, machine guns, radio and various stowage items were dusted with AK Interactive “Dark Steel” (AK086) pigment.

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