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Land Rover “Pink Panther” build – Part 4:Stowage

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A vehicle of this type will have a lot of stowage. I thought that I should get the items prepared and painted, prior to most of the weathering. I used most of the Legend set, adding some straps with Plastruct thin plastic sheets. Painting was achieved with:

Tamiya paints – “NATO Green” XF-67, “Olive Green” XF-58, “Flat Blue” XF-8, “Chrome Silver” X-11

Vallejo Model Color paints – “Black Grey” 70862, “Black” 70950, “Olive Grey” 70888, “Russian Uniform WWII” 70924, “Natural Steel” 70864, “Gunmetal Grey” 70863, “Brass” 70801, “Leather Brown” 70871, “English Uniform” 70921, “Khaki” 70988, “Khaki Grey” 70880, “Desert Yellow” 70977, “Iraqi Sand” 70819, “Beige” 70917, “Buff” 70976

Vallejo Panzer Aces paints – “Canvas” 314, “Leather Belt” 312, “New Wood” 311, “Old Wood” 310

Xtracrylix paint – “British Deep Bronze Green” XA1814

One thought on “Land Rover “Pink Panther” build – Part 4:Stowage

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