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Landkreuzer P1000 “Ratte” build – Part 2:Assembly

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Overall, I would say that this was an decent enough kit to put together. The tracks, of the “link and length” variety, are a little bit messy in places – at least in my hands –  but much of them are hidden by the bulk of the vehicle. I thought that the long photo etch handrails would cause me issues but they mostly behaved themselves when gluing to the guide holes. The kit contains two Maus tanks, presumably to show the sense of scale of this vehicle. I assembled one as seen in the last picture. When you consider that the Maus is no small thing in real life it really becomes apparent how vast this thing would have been – a true landship.

One thought on “Landkreuzer P1000 “Ratte” build – Part 2:Assembly

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