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Landkreuzer P1000 “Ratte” build – Part 1:Introduction


The vehicle

It is a bit difficult to discuss this vehicle, seeing as it never actually existed. A bizarre fantasy creation on a designer’s board, it would, at 1000 tonnes (five times heavier than the Maus), have presented the most horrendous transportation problems, not to mention being a very tempting target for Allied  artillery and aircraft. Sensibly enough, it was cancelled before any serious effort could be expended on it [1].

The kit


Takom 1/144 kit [2].

I saw this model announced a while back and whilst I was intrigued it seemed  too wacky for my taste. But, I recently saw a build article about it, featuring a fantastic colour scheme, which spurred me to have a go at it after all. I view it as a break between more “serious” builds. One look at the box art tells you that there is more than a touch of science fiction about this one – the manufacturer has imagined that the Nazi’s also have UFO-like aircraft. Also, the manufacturer in question, Takom, have an impressive array of kits either released or soon to be and I was keen to see how they measured up against the other model makers.



2 thoughts on “Landkreuzer P1000 “Ratte” build – Part 1:Introduction

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