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Land Rover Defender 90


My previous car was crying out to be replaced and somebody driving up the back of it at a pedestrian crossing brought this forward. I’ve had a liking for Land Rover Defender for a while now and this event decided me to go for something different and get one of these – specifically a Defender 90 Station Wagon. It’s not a new vehicle, of course, but seems to be mechanically sound. People who know this vehicle will be aware of its modular nature and there is a flourishing aftermarket of parts and upgrades. Some upgrades – mostly of a cosmetic nature – I plan to do soon and I will be recording those details hereafter for my own record. In this way, I regard it as a new “kit”, albeit in 1:1 scale!

3 thoughts on “Land Rover Defender 90

  1. At 2 1/2 tonnes, it’s a hell of a kit!

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