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Norfolk Tank Museum (2014)

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We took a trip to Norfolk Tank Museum last  weekend. It’s a small, private collection of mostly British vehicles of the Cold War era, as well as numerous small arms. The full list of vehicles can be seen here, but the highlights for me were the Saladin, Centurion Mk 13, Centurion AVRE and Chieftain Mk 2/3, all in working order. The staff were keen and friendly. Alas, some of the vehicles kept outside were in worse shape, some of them seriously so. We were able to climb into the Chieftain turret. I must say that it was tight in there. I was in the commander’s seat – the all round view is great and, for me, it would be reassuring to be closest to one of the hatches! Not so good for the gunner or loader though. I may have a distinct preference for modelling tanks but I am not so sure that I would want to fight in a real one.

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