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Char 2C


Tank No.97 “Normandie” of 51st Bataillon de Chars de Combat, France, 1939.

Char 2C build – Part 1:Introduction
Char 2C build – Part 2:Assembly (turrets)
Char 2C build – Part 3:Assembly (engine compartment)
Char 2C build – Part 4:Assembly (hull)
Char 2C build – Part 5:Painting (basecoat)
Char 2C build – Part 6:Painting (details)
Char 2C build – Part 7:Weathering (chipping)
Char 2C build – Part 8:Weathering (rust)
Char 2C build – Part 9:Weathering (wash)
Char 2C build – Part 10:Weathering (fading with oils)
Char 2C build – Part 11:Weathering (streaks)
Char 2C build – Part 12:Weathering (dust and dry mud)
Char 2C build – Part 13:Weathering (tracks)
Char 2C build – Part 14:Weathering (oil and fuel stains)

I think that this has turned out quite nicely and I was able to practice techniques new to me, particularly the greater use of oils (which I am quite persuaded by and will return to).

All the way along I marvelled at the size of this thing, in comparison to all my other vehicles in the same scale. Unlike the Maus, or Object 279 or any of the other prototype monsters, this tank entered service and remained there for years. OK, it didn’t actually see any fighting and it would not have been the saviour even if it had. Even so, it seems a shame for the Allied cause that they were not able to field it even once during 1940.

3 thoughts on “Char 2C

  1. That was well worth the wait…great job! Hopefully I’ll soon get to try my hand on a 1/72 scale version. 🙂

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