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Char 2C build – Part 1:Introduction


The vehicle


If any tank could be called a “landship” surely it would be the French Char 2C. As if to underline the point they were constructed by a shipbuilding company. All of the relevant numbers are big – weighing 70 tons (“the largest operational tank ever made” [1]) and with a crew of 12, shown here with their company commander:


Coming too late to enter WWI, in the end only ten were made. They somehow survived until 1940 when the remaining serviceable ones were destroyed by their own crews on the fall of France [2].

The kit


Meng 1/35 kit [3] [4].

I wanted something which was faster to build that my last effort and this seemed to fit the bill. It will be an imposing model but there seem not to be too many build steps.


2. French Tanks of World War II (1), Steven J. Zaloga, Osprey Publishing, 2014 (link)

3 thoughts on “Char 2C build – Part 1:Introduction

  1. The Char 2C has been something I’ve wanted to build for years. Sadly, since I’m only into 1/72, if I don’t want to go resin, the pickings are slim. Still, I don’t rule out somebody like S-Model perhaps putting one out in the future.
    Keep up the great modeling!

    • These days I reckon that anything is a possibility. As other have pointed out, there were only ten of these vehicles made and yet here we have a mainstream plastic version, albeit not in your preferred scale. Thanks for your kind words and good luck to you. P.S. I like your use of the “Destroy this mad brute” image!

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