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Jackal 2 build – Part 3:Painting

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Primer: Tamiya “Fine Surface Primer” spray can

Base coat: A mixture of 90% Tamiya acrylics (XF-59 “Desert Yellow” and XF-3 “Yellow” in a 2:3 ratio) and 10% Tamiya X-22 Clear in Tamiya X-20A thinner (ratio 2/3 paint mixture to 1/3 thinner).

It took me a bit of time to arrive at this colour and, even now, I am not sure if it is quite right. But, many photographs of the real vehicle show the colour of it to be quite vivid  – much more yellow than simply a desert beige. Usually I am a little dissatisfied with the level of light in many of the photographs I take (perhaps too low) but in this case it makes the vehicle look more yellow than it does in real life! Well, if it is a bit overdone it might be toned down a little by subsequent weathering.


  • Smoke grenade dispenser covers: Vallejo Panzer Aces “Dark Rubber” 306
  • Smoke grenade dispenser battery: Vallejo Model Color “Cam. Olive Green” 70894
  • Webbing: Vallejo Model Color “Khaki” 70988
  • Fuel tank cap: Games Workshop “Boltgun Metal”
  • Rear red light: Games Workshop “Blood Red”
  • Front and rear orange light: Games Workshop “Blazing Orange”
  • Front light: Games Workshop “Mithril Silver”
  • Tools: Vallejo Panzer Aces “Old Wood” 310, Vallejo Model Color “Black” 70950 and Vallejo Model Color “Cam. Olive Green” 70894
  • Ammunition boxes: Xtraxcrylix “British Khaki Drab” XA1816 or Vallejo Model Color “Cam. Olive Green” 70894
  • Mirrors: Vallejo Model Color “Black” 70950 and Games Workshop “Mithril Silver”
  • Winch: Vallejo Model Color “Black” 70950
  • Aerials: Vallejo Model Color “Black” 70950, Vallejo Model Color “Cam. Olive Green” 70894 and Games Workshop “Boltgun Metal”
  • Rubber wheel well strips: Vallejo Model Color “Black” 70950
  • Steering wheel: Vallejo Model Color “Black” 70950
  • Pedals: Vallejo Model Color “Black” 70950
  • Various other parts: Vallejo Model Color “Black” 70950
  • Tyres: Vallejo Model Color “Black” 70950
  • Spare wheel cover: Tamiya XF-55 “Deck Tan”
  • Seats: Tamiya XF-55 “Deck Tan”, Vallejo Model Color “Black Grey” 70862, Games Workshop “Chainmail”

You read many people extolling the virtues of 1/48th scale AFVs. Based on this sole example – wrong I know – I can’t quite agree. Granted it is essentially a soft skinned vehicle with much interior detail  and these trouble me in any scale. But, I think at this time that I would far rather stick with 1/35th scale for the big projects and 1/72nd or 1/76th scale for the easy, hopefully quick, efforts. I found the painting of this model quite tedious – it includes much detail to be painted but some of it is not quite defined enough (or big enough) for me to have an easy time of it. The moulded on tools are a good example of this. Of course, the entire Airfix British Army in Afghanistan range is 1/48th scale so I have no choice if I ever want to complete the collection. But, for a while at least, it is back to 1/35th for me!

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