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Jackal 2 build – Part 2:Assembly

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I started this model months ago but suspended work on it as soon as I knew that there was a photo etch set on the way. I used the vast bulk of the Airfix photo etch parts on the Jackal. It adds to the build time, but such things as the rubber strips around the wheel wells are prominent enough on the real vehicle to merit being replicated in a model. When I come to do the Coyote vehicle I might supplement the Airfix photo etch with the Black Dog set. I think that the moulded on side basket  – above the front wheel – could do with replacing with a metal part. The two machine guns would benefit from extra work – perhaps resin replacements if available? But that is for the future.

The tyre tread pattern on the wheels is reckoned to be wrong, so I changed them for the resin wheels from A2ZeeModels.

One thought on “Jackal 2 build – Part 2:Assembly

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