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Valentine Mk I build – Part 2:Assembly

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I have built models by AFV Club before – their Churchill and Centurion – and will no doubt in the future. What I like about them is that they remove the need for many (any?) third party purchases. So, all of theirs I have dealt with have included metal barrels and photo etch parts. In the case of tanks the only thing you would probably want to replace is the “rubber band” track with a separate links version. Having said this, I do find that they occasionally overcomplicate things and none more so than in the present kit. The pictures above disguise the fact that there are sometimes tens of parts added in sequence, sometimes for not a very large piece of the vehicle. Of course, if you were interested in having a vehicle with open doors (say, the engine compartment) then this modular approach is the way to go. Having just come from a Tamiya kit I did find it irksome to have a multi part item when it could just have well have been in fewer, larger pieces – perhaps with little or no detail loss.

Additionally, there are definite QA problems with this kit – the instructions include nothing about the headlights, even though they are on the sprues and shown on the box artwork. I had to figure out which bits I needed from what I had left and consulting pictures of the built model. There were one or two other pieces which mysteriously appeared on a particular drawing of the evolving vehicle without any actual instruction to introduce them! Detective work was needed here too. So, not their finest hour in my opinion. But, it’s certainly better than a poorly fitting or inaccurate kit. I think that these frustrations drove me to abandon adding the Bren gun support structure or what I think is the aerial attachment on the turret. The latter was a multi piece photo etch construction – probably needing soldering to prevent it falling apart – which I think would have tested my current skills (or the model) to destruction. All in all, I reckoned that if I didn’t move on then this model was in imminent danger of remaining unfinished for all time.

One thought on “Valentine Mk I build – Part 2:Assembly

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