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Airfix in 2013

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Monty's Humber (Airfix)

I have a long list of models I want to do and, given the speed at which I go, none of them will be started this year! So, the Centurion, Conqueror, Challenger 1, Challenger 2 and Saladin are up next. Without a doubt that will take me to summer 2013! But, I must make room also for some of the new and upcoming Airfix releases. Specifically their 1/48 range of modern British vehicles – Jackal, Coyote, Land Rover, Warrior and Quad Bike (!). Now, this is a scale unknown to me but I feel such sustained commitment to this subject should be rewarded. Also, I quite like the look of some of their more esoteric choices, such as “Rommel’s halftrack” or Monty’s Humber staff car – complete with the man himself.

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