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A7V build

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The vehicle

The replica at the German Tank Museum, Munster.

The kit

Tauro 1/35 kit.


I can’t pretend that this is state of the art! Not for the first time when building certain kits I wondered if the manufacturer had access to a ruler or any kind of measuring tool. Anyway, it went together quickly, if not with perfect fit. It probably does not bear close examination!





Following priming I mixed Vallejo Model Air “Grey Green” (71055), Vallejo Model Color “German Uniform” (920) and Vallejo Model Air “White” (71001) by eye until I thought that it looked a good approximation to the museum tank colour. Such details as are present on this tank were painted with a brush.




Following coverage with gloss varnish I applied the decals – they behaved very well. I was pleased to follow the example of the museum in naming it Wotan. Final sealing of the model was achieved with further gloss varnish and then a light spray of satin varnish.


In line with most of my other WWI models I did not excessively weather it. I guess that I view these antique machines as museum pieces only! Thus, I dry brushed the tracks and machine guns with metallic paint to simulate bare metal. Further I applied various rust coloured paints (acrylic and oil) to the exhaust pipes. Finally I gave the entire model a wash with a dilute mixture of Winsor and Newton Lamp Black oil paint in white spirits. As I said, there are no scratches, general rust stains, dust or mud on this one!


I have read people disparage the arrangement for the tracks. But, I must say that I thought that they were one of the more successful parts of the kit. OK, the tracks themselves are made from vinyl and suffer from flash but the metal rods which join them work well.

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