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Citadel Purity Seal


I have a read a few different people – experts all and in the same recent magazine – speak of using Citadel Purity Seal as a protective varnish. Being a satin varnish I must admit it had not occurred to me to use it – up till now I have used the gloss\matt varnish combination . But it seems using this after the base painting provides a glossy enough layer for decals and protection against oil washes. Of course it avoids an outright gloss look and more like painted metal, which seems correct to me. Funny thing is I happen to have a can for some past unknown reason. I will give it a go. If I can avoid the nerve-racking experience of spraying matt varnish on a near complete model – with the occasional “snow effect” disaster – so much the better.

Update – So, I have tried it on a couple of 1/76 test subjects. It seems to work well – no damage to the paint with a wash and not glossy. Of course, even though it is semi-matt I still have to be careful not to overspray it.

5 thoughts on “Citadel Purity Seal

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