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KV-2 build – Part 2:Assembly

These Trumpeter KV kits are quick to put together and perhaps lack the extra bits (photo etch grills and other parts) of a more recent kit. However, I was happy to go with the basic build, apart from the reuse of the LionRoar metal barrel, salvaged from a discarded previous KV model. At any rate it forms a very sturdy looking vehicle with that amazing and ludicrous turret.

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KV-2 build – Part 1:Introduction

The vehicle


“… when encountering difficulties on the heavily fortified Mannerheim line during the Winter War in Finland, the General Staff demanded a specially equipped version fitted with a heavy howitzer, intended to deal with concrete bunkers, in support of the regular KV-1 units. Instead of choosing the more pragmatic solution of a traditional SPG, they decided to use the same turret ring to accommodate a fully traversed, redesigned turret that housed the gargantuan howitzer. This gave the KV-2 an unmistakable profile, with its towering turret … Only 203 were built in all from late 1939 to mid-1941.” [1]

The kit


“Trumpeter has now released this second kit of the early Model 1939 KV-2 which at the time was referred to as the KV “Big Turret” as per kit name and the initial KV-1 was referred to as KV “small Turret” … Only later were the designations changed to KV-1 and KV-2 for the respective vehicles.” [2]

Trumpeter 1/35 kit.



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Mk V “Female”

White Army, Russia, October 1920.

Mk V “Female” build – Part 1:Introduction
Mk V “Female” build – Part 2:Assembly
Mk V “Female” build – Part 3:Painting
Mk V “Female” build – Part 4:Weathering (rust)
Mk V “Female” build – Part 5:Weathering (chipping)
Mk V “Female” build – Part 6:Weathering (wash)
Mk V “Female” build – Part 7:Weathering (fading and streaks)
Mk V “Female” build – Part 8:Weathering (dust and mud)
Mk V “Female” build – Part 9:Weathering (oil, fuel and other stains)


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Mk V “Female” build – Part 9:Weathering (oil, fuel and other stains)

  • For oil, fuel and liquid stains, I used AK Interactive “Wet Effects Fluid” (AK079), AK Interactive “Engine Oil” (AK084) and AMMO “Fuel Stains” (A.MIG-1409) – all diluted in white spirit – in various spots and liquid runs.
  • The machine guns and tracks were brushed with AK Interactive “Dark Steel” (AK086) pigment.

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Mk V “Female” build – Part 8:Weathering (dust and mud)

I must admit that I usually approach this step with trepidation! In my own mind I am still not altogether confident with dirt and mud effects. Having taken a decent amount of effort to get a model to this stage, it is a bit of a leap of faith to take a finish I am happy with and coat it with various pigments, mixtures and even real dirt. But, tanks – especially this early one – mostly have plenty of dirt on them, so there is no skipping this step. In this case, I wanted a decently messy appearance, without being overwhelmingly muddy. So, here goes …

  • A 1:1 mixture of Tamiya Acrylic XF-57 “Buff” and Tamiya Acrylic XF-52 “Flat Earth” in Tamiya X-20A thinner (10% paint mixture in thinner) was sprayed over the entire vehicle – this to “unify” the previous effects.
  • A 1:1 mixture of Tamiya Acrylic XF-57 “Buff” and Tamiya Acrylic XF-52 “Flat Earth” in water (10% paint mixture in water) was drawn in thin vertical lines repeatedly down the select vertical and sloping sides of the vehicle, sometimes, blended in with a cotton bud or dry brush. The aim here was to simulate rain marks.
  • A mixture of darker colour pigments was dusted in select places on the horizontal and lower vertical surfaces and the tracks. Application of enamel thinner with a brush fixed them loosely in place. This was meant to represent dust and fine dried mud.
  • Various AMMO Splashes mixtures – “Dry Steppe” (A.MIG-1751), “Wet Ground” (A.MIG-1755), “Damp Earth” (A.MIG-1754) – were flicked from a brush onto parts of the vertical and undersides. In many places, once dry, the mixtures were reduced in scope with the use of a stiff  brush.
  • To represent fresher (darker) mud, AMMO “Wet Mud” Heavy Mud mixture (A.MIG-1705) and AMMO “Fresh Mud” nature effects (A.MIG-1402) were used – particularly around the lower parts of the hull closest to the tracks.
  • Finally, real sieved dirt was piled in places on the horizontal surfaces and fixed with the careful application of AK Interactive “Sand and Gravel Fixed” (AK118). Once dry, any glossy areas, left by the fixer, were attended to.