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Mk I “Female” build – Part 6:Weathering (streaks)

  • AMMO “Streaking Grime” (A.MIG-1203) was painted in thin lines on the vertical and sloping surfaces, to be later blended in with a flat brush dampened with enamel thinner.
  • Wanting to add a few (not too many) rust streaks I tried using AMMO “Streaking Rust Effects” (A.MIG-1204). To be honest, I found it a bit underwhelming, so later on tried blending in small dots of AMMO Oilbrusher “Rust” (A.MIG-3510).
  • Various parts were treated with AMMO Oilbrusher “Starship Filth” (A.MIG-3513), Winsor & Newton “Raw Umber”, Abteilung 502 “Light Rust Brown” (Abt060), “German Grey Highlight” (Abt170), “Olive Green” (Abt050) and “German Three-Tone Fading” (Abt155) oil paints and variously blended in as vertical lines or “faded” onto the surface.
  • The anti-grenade screen framework was treated with Winsor & Newton “Burnt Umber” oil paint.

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T-34/85 (model 1944)

Unknown unit, Minsk, Soviet Union, July 1944.

T-34/85 (model 1944) build – Part 1:Introduction
T-34/85 (model 1944) build – Part 2:Assembly (wheels)
T-34/85 (model 1944) build – Part 3:Assembly (hull and turret)
T-34/85 (model 1944) build – Part 4:Painting
T-34/85 (model 1944) build – Part 5:Weathering (rust, chipping, wash)
T-34/85 (model 1944) build – Part 6:Weathering (fading and streaks)
T-34/85 (model 1944) build – Part 7:Tracks
T-34/85 (model 1944) build – Part 8:Weathering (dust and dirt)
T-34/85 (model 1944) build – Part 9:Weathering (oil and fuel stains)
T-34/85 (model 1944) build – Part 10:Weathering (final effects)
T-34/85 (model 1944) build – Part 11:Stowage


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T-34/85 (model 1944) build – Part 11:Stowage

Various stowage items (baggage rolls, a metal can, wooden boxes and a couple of tarps which I sculpted with Kneadatite) were added to the vehicle:

  • Paints: Tamiya “Light Blue” (XF-23), “Flat Red” (XF-7), Vallejo Model Color “Russian Uniform WWII” (70924), “Olive Grey” (70888), “Khaki” (70988), “Bronze” (70988) and Vallejo Panzer Aces “Leather Belt” (312).
  • Wash: AMMO “Afrika Korps Wash” (A.MIG-1001).
  • Pigment: AMMO “Europe Earth” (A.MIG-3004).
  •  Oil and fuel stains: AMMO “Fuel Stains” (A.MIG-1409) and AMMO “Fresh Engine Oil” (A.MIG-1408).

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T-34/85 (model 1944) build – Part 10:Weathering (final effects)

  • The machine gun (and previously the steel wheels) were brushed with AK Interactive “Dark Steel” (AK086) pigment.
  • Soot from the exhausts was simulated using Tamiya “Soot” weathering powder.

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T-34/85 (model 1944) build – Part 9:Weathering (oil and fuel stains)

  • A dilute mixture of Winsor & Newton “Raw Umber” and “Lamp Black” oil paints in white spirit was flicked onto the tracks, wheels and lower hull from a brush, to simulate damp or darker patches.
  • AMMO “Fresh Engine Oil” (A.MIG-1408,  in varying concentrations, was painted on some of the wheels, to simulate oil leakages (such as shown on a real T-34 wheel). Parts of the engine deck received the same mixture.
  • AMMO “Fuel Stains” (A.MIG-1409) – diluted in white spirit – was used to create various stains on the hull and turret. Around the fuel filler points, on the external fuel tanks and on areas of spillage on the fenders I used the liquid neat.