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Oh, as you’ve asked …

Why now?
I have returned to this hobby after a space of over twenty years. Back then I was spurred on by the work of two uncles who both built great aircraft, trains, ships, figures … and one still does. My reawakened interest is certainly a case of unfinished business. As a kid I didn’t have the patience, skill or indeed tools to do justice to models. Now, if I am at my best, I think I can – in my eyes at least!

Of course it is important. Having a vehicle in a wildly unrealistic colour scheme or in an anachronistic diorama is no good. But I would say that I am willing to sacrifice the last 1% of accuracy for the sake of my mental wellbeing – and I am not afraid to point out when I have done this!

I cannot truthfully say that they are my favourite thing to do. But they would seem to be essential in a diorama. I like to do a decent job on them such that they look ok, certainly from a distance. But some aspects, such as “layering” and detailing of the face, are beyond me right now and maybe forever. Of course this is mostly practice but I think I would almost always reach for a new tank kit first.

Some people you read say that this can take at least as long as the building or basic painting. I agree. There is no doubt that I have occasionally erred on the side of too much but they are mostly my earlier projects and I am in the process of redoing some of them. I do feel that post war British vehicles, unless on exercise for weeks at a time, would mostly be kept in decent condition. Would WW2 German vehicles – excepting the extreme conditions of North Africa and Russia or the latter stages when everything was retreat and defeat – not be the same? Conversely having seen real photographs of Russian tanks in Berlin I would say that if anything mine look in too good condition! Always a tricky balance and I sometimes think that I should make two models of every vehicle – one brand new and one worn!

Tanks vs aircraft
Definitely tanks. Well, land vehicles in general I suppose. But even trucks and jeeps come behind these beasts. Having said that, I am in awe of the model aircraft builders.

1/35 scale vs 1/72 scale
1/35 for vehicles, 1/72 for aircraft.

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