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“Berlin 1945” diorama – Part 1:Introduction


I remember seeing the above picture – as far as I know taken in the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Berlin – and marvelling at the vehicles in the shot. Here in close proximity were several of my favourite armoured vehicles of any era – T-34/85, IS-2, ISU-152 – as well as the B4 howitzer and tractor. So, when several months ago I pondered the possibility of constructing a diorama – as a new kind of project for me – I naturally returned to this photograph.

I am going to say straight away that I did not consider myself a natural in this area, having little experience. But, then again, I hoped that whatever I came up with would be something I would be OK with, which is really the only criteria in the end. I told myself that I would attempt something which would use this photograph (and others) as inspiration, but would in no way attempt to be a perfect copy. Anyway, as I write this I have got it to a place where I am quite happy with it. Once this base was finished, I could then proceed to add the vehicles, which at this time I have settled on as listed below. These will probably take me the rest of the year to finish.

5 thoughts on ““Berlin 1945” diorama – Part 1:Introduction

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